Ms.Darshana chauhan PRT of this vidyalaya innovated project on reduce weight of School bag in academic session 2012-13.

Mrs.Raksha Parmar PGT(CS) of this vidyalaya had developed excel sheet for exam deptt. to store term wise marks detail and grade will automatically generate and distributed to teacher to their email and all the exam work will operate through email with teachers.

Innovation & Experimentation done by teachers ( updated as on 25-07-2012) Innovation & Experimentation Class & Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of the innovator / experimenter with the designation
3 Experiment with water IV EVS To develop scientific temperament, attitude and aptitude, students are given exposure to the various scientific instruments, specimens and experiments Yes Mrs.S.Mahanty(PRT)

July 2012

1.To develop efficiency in linguistic skills self explaintry classes were carried out during the spoken English periods.
2.Book review on the library books issued to the students will be carried out during the block periods.
3. In craft puppet , dolls made of stocking , Wall hanging made up of bangles.
4. Under NAEP both girls students & boys students were counselled separately  about the different behavioural situation that exists in our society.  
   b.  They were also counselled about the dress codes as per KVS norms.
5. Regular Yoga session are being conducted for maintaining good health.
6. Gurbani to be conducted every Thursday were thoughts related to over all development of child will be delivered by the teachers.
7. A book review by the teachers to be presented on every Wednesday.
8. Plantation week being carried out to focus on “save the planet”.