VMC Meeting 2015-2016


The Vidyalaya Management Committee meeting was held on 11.09.2015 11.30 AM in the Sr. Computer Lab of the Vidyalaya, the meeting was presided over by Hon’ble Chairman Brig. Inderjeet Singh, Commander ,85 Inf. Bde. Gandhinagar Cantt.


The meeting was attended by the following members of VMC


  1. Brig. Inderjeet Singh                          Chairman
  2. Dr. Kiran                                             Education Member
  3. Mr. R. S. Parmar                                 An eminent person in the field of culture
  4. Mr. Hemant Kumar Mohanty             Parent Member
  5. Prof. Mallika Babu                              Parent Member
  6. (Lt. Col) Dr. A. K. Ghosh                  Sr. Medical Officer (Doctor Member)
  7. Mr. Praful Ashok Mendhe                  SC/ST Representative
  8. Major Sachin Chamoli                        Co-opted Member
  9. Mr. SRK Murthy                                Technical Member

10.  Mrs. Alka Vasavada                           Teacher Member

11.  Mr. K. R. Toppo                                 Principal & Secretary Member


The Principal of the Vidyalaya welcomed the Chairman and other distinguish members of the VMC which was followed by a formal introduction of VMC members.


The following Agenda points were put up for deliberation and consideration of VMC with the permission of the Chair:


1.)    Welcome of VMC Members by the Member Secretary of the VMC and Principal of the                      Vidyalaya.

2.)    Introduction of New VMC Members

3.)    Approval of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi & School Fund Budget  (Revised Estimate 2015-2016     and Budget Estimate 2016-2017).

4.)    Brief discussion on Online fees Collection. –Online submission of fees by the parents.

5.)    Approval of the Minutes of Last VMC Meeting 2014.

6.)    Appraisal of Vidyalaya Result of CBSE Board Result of Class X & XII(2014-15).

7.)    Scholastic and Co – Scholastic achievements and activities of the Vidyalaya.

8.)    Constitution of Vidyalaya Executive committee and Condemnation board.

9.)    Procurement of Consumable and Non Consumable articles for session 2015-16.

10.)   Approval of two potable water cooler and two Water Purifier on DGS & D rate contract.

11.)   Maintenance of Vidyalaya building and Staff quarters.

12.)   Petty Construction in the Vidyalaya Mathematical Garden.

13.)   Any other point with the permission of the Chair.









Agenda Points Discussed:







Agenda Points

Discussion of Agenda Points

  1. Welcome of VMC Members by the Member Secretary of the VMC and Principal of the Vidyalaya

All the members were welcomed by the Member secretary, Principal of the Vidyalaya.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of last VMC Meeting

All minutes of the last VMC meting 2014 was duly approved/confirmed by the VMC. Annex. 3

  1. Approval  of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi & School Fund Budget  (Revised Estimate 2015-2016 and Budget Estimate 2016-2017).

VMC approved Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi & School Fund Budget (Revised Estimate 2015-2016 and Budget Estimate 2016-2017) Annex. 1 & 2 after the primary inquiry about the nature, operational procedure and control of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi and School Fund by the Hon’ble Chairman of the VMC.

  1. Brief discussion on Online fees Collection. –Online submission of fees by the parents.

Member secretary explained the worthy members about the procedures and modes of submission of fees to all the branches of Union Bank of India across the country through various utilities like Net Banking, ATM Cards, and Credit Card It was also informed from quarter Oct. – Dec. no challan will be generated from the Vidyalaya.

  1. Introduction of New VMC Members

Most of the worthy members VMC attend the meeting for the first time. Hence, member secretary explained the modes of constitution of VMC as well as the tenure/function/powers of VMC as explained in Article 28, 30 and 31 chapters V of the education code for Kendriya Vidyalaya.

  1. Appraisal of Vidyalaya Result of CBSE Board Result of Class X & XII (2014-15).

VMC expressed its satisfaction over the result of CBSE Board result of Class XII. Whereas the VMC also advised the Principal to improve the CBSE board result of class XII. Annex. 4(A).

  1. Scholastic and Co – Scholastic achievements and activities of the Vidyalaya.

-       VMC appreciated the achievement of the Vidyalaya, particularly organizing 45th National Sports Meet (Girls) 2014 (Archery).

-       Cluster and regional sports meet 2015for U – 14, U – 17 and U – 19 Volleyball and Cricket.  Hon’ble I/C D.C. KVS (Ahmedabad Region) Sh. Y. P. Singh, Hon’ble A/C Sh. S. P. Patil and Education Officer 85 Inf. Bde. Major Sachin Chamoli blessed the participants

-       Participation in various activities of Scout & Guide and NCC wing of the Vidyalaya.

-       The adventure program Panchmarhi by 10 Students of Bharat Scout and Guide.

-       NCC Students participated in International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015.

  1. Constitution of Vidyalaya Executive committee

VMC duly approved the names of the VMC members as the members of VEC who are as follows:



Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee


Dr. A. K. Ghosh



Prof. Mallika Babu


Mrs. Alka Vasavada, TGT English


Mr. K. R. Toppo, Principal




  1. Constitution of Vidyalaya Condemnation board.

VMC duly approved the names of the Vidyalaya Condemnation Board members as the members of Vidyalaya Condemnation Board members who are as follows:




Dr. A. K. Ghosh



Mrs. Alka Vasavada, TGT English


Mr. K. R. Toppo, Principal




10.  Approval of two potable water coolers and water purifiers on DGS & D rate contract.

VMC duly approved and ratified the procurement of two potable water coolers and water purifiers on DGS & D rate contract and the expenditure incurred a sum of Rs. 99,000 and Rs. 82,000 respectively.

11.  Maintenance of Vidyalaya building and Staff quarters

VMC agreed for making expenditure as per the budget proposal for recurring expenditure 2015 – 16. A sum of Rs. 89,18,500                    Annex.7

12.  Petty Construction in the Vidyalaya Mathematical Garden.

As mentioned in Annex. 7

13.  Non-recurring expenditure 2015-16

VMC extended its approval for making capital expenditure/non-recurring expenditure for a sum of Rs. 16,70,000                                           Annex.8

14.  Any other point with the permission of the Chair

Included under the head of observation made by Hon’ble members of the VMC.





Observations made by the Hon’ble members of VMC:


Observations made under Budget proposal Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi 2015-16

Reply of Member – Secretary and Principal of the Vidyalaya

  1. Hon’ble Chairman VMC Brig. Inderjeet Singh SC SM wanted to know the nature and operational procedure of controlling and handling the Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi.

The member secretary informed the committee that the fund contributed by each of the student is kept under the Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi Account and the fund is incurred exclusively for the purpose of the development of the Vidyalaya as well as the improvement of the educational and curricular standards of the Vidyalaya

The Principal is also informed that all the expenses incurred through banking transaction.







  1. Part Time/Contractual Teachers:

Hon’ble Chairman VMC inquired how many part time contractual teachers and counselor were employed and source of payment

-          They are paid under the heads of recurring expenditure VVN against the services rendered.

-          Worthy chairman acknowledged the utility of the counselor.

  1. House Keeping/Conservancy Services:

Further Chairman VMC Re-Iterated to know about the justification of spending a sum of Rs. 3,00,000.

Member – secretary informed about the employment of Three unskilled labour hired for cleaning classroom, toilets and adjacent areas and paid as per the provision of Minimum Wage Act.

  1. Pupil Society:

Chairman wanted to know the justification

Chairman was informed that under this head expenses incurred to meet the expenses of annual day, Annual Sports Day, Teachers’ Day, Independence Day and Publication of Vidyalaya Patrika

  1. Beatification and Horticulture:

Employment of two gardener and routine expenses for beautification

-          Principal also informed that the Garden in front of the Vidyalaya will be expanded very soon.

-        The Chairman advised the Principal to minimize the expenses by using only one gardener.


-       The Principal replied that he will agree to follow the standard practices followed in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

  1. Medical Facilities:

i.)   Contractual appointment of a trained Nurse.












ii.) First - Aid Kit.



iii.)     Guest lecture on health issue.


-          The worthy chairman wanted to know the relevance of appointing a nurse while medical facilities are being provided by the unit of J&K rifles.

-          The Principal replied that he has complied the Office Memorandum wide letter no. F.110350/13/2010-KVSHQ/(ACAD) dated 04.11.20111 regarding the compliance of Deployment of Nurse in the Kendriya Vidyalaya. However, Contract may be terminated subject to completion of objects.


-          The member secretary agreed to follow the instruction about first-aid kit.


-          Worthy Chairman VMC suggested the Medical officer Lt. Col. A. K. Ghosh for lecture on Health issues like Dengue, AIDS and Chicken Gunia etc. Medical officer happily agreed to extend his co-operation.

  1. Security Service Out Sourced:


i.  No. of security guards employed (3 – Three)

ii.Mock drill by the units of NDRF

iii. The Chairman advised the member secretary and GE for fixing a master switch connected with all the point of electricity.

-           The worthy Chairman advised the Member Secretary to explore the opportunity of assistance extended by the Unit of NDRF.


-          Member secretary agreed to do so.





  1. While discussing the issue of Furniture and fixtures, Members secretary informed that three room, namely office, staff room and Examination room needed to be furnished by fixing the cabinet so that, the papers, documents and other important things could be kept neatly.


  1. Mr. R. S. Parmar VMC member suggested that deaf and dumb association Ahmedabad, Vastrapur should also be kept in mind for getting the work done.

Member secretary willingly accepted and promised to look into the matter and ready to have the services from the Association of Deaf and Dumb Ahmedabad.

10.  While discussing the issue of the appropriate and effective utilization of present Mathematical Garden so that regular maths classes could be taught in the Maths Garden. Member secretary proposed to raise the height of the boundary of the said garden and provision for a shed for hanging Whiteboard/Blackboard.

Major Sachin Chamoli Edn. Officer intended to extend his co-operation in enriching and equipping the mathematical garden.

11.  Approval of the procurement of two water purifier and water coolers.

Two water cooler of Voltas have been procured under DGS & D rate contract. VMC approved the said procurement.

12.  Repair and maintenance

A.)  Chemistry Lab.: Flooring/Cot stone/Vitrified and replacement of all outdated underground Pipes. Expected Expense - Rs. 2,20,000

B.)   Verification of the flooring of the primary resource room:

C.)   Construction of one room for keeping the articles of cleanliness:


Member Secretary informed the VMC that all the proposed work will be initiated very soon.

13.  Observation made by G.E. MES

i.)   Suggested to replace the existing bulbs and rube lights with LED bulb to reduce the water and electricity charges.




ii.) Underground wiring of existing High Tension Electricity transmission line

iii.)  Demand for installation for Street Solar Light for saving energy.


iv.)  Proposal for Raising the height of the boundary wall of the Vidyalaya






v.) Estimate for construction of shooting range cum hall at Kendriya Vidyalaya Gandhinagar Cantt.

-          He assured to make a separate estimate/proposal for the same with the help of GE MES Gandhinagar Cantt. Hon’ble Chairman also advised the GE in estimating and making the Proposal.



-          He assured to make separate proposal for the same.

-          VMC advised the Member Secretary to approach the office of Gujarat Solar Energy.

-          Proposal was forwarded by the Vidyalaya to KVS Head Quarter New Delhi but the same was rejected due to some technical ground. GE (MES – Gandhinagar Cantt.) again prepared the proposal with due justification and the new proposal to be forwarded for the same.

-           The proposal was to be sent by the month of July but the Vidyalaya received the proposal in the month of September.

14.  Alumni Association:

Worthy Chairman wanted to know about the Alumni Association.


-          The Member secretary informed the VMC that the Alumni Association is duly functional and the active and the Name and address of the alumni are uploaded in the website.




15.  Observation made by Lady Parent  (VMC) Smt. Mallika Babu:


Smt. Mallika Babu (Lady Parent Member – VMC) showed her concern about the status of communicative English as a Medium of Instruction. She reiterated that all the teachers except Hindi/Sanskrit must use English as a medium of instruction whether the subject may be Maths, Science or Social Studies.

16.  Improvement of Result of the Class 11th and 12th Students coming from BSF

Mr. Praful Ashok Mendhe Dy. Commandant, SHQ, BSF Gandhinagar expressed his willingness to co-ordinate and monitor for improving the board result of the students coming from BSF Gandhinagar.



















Designation VMC Members

Details VMC

Name & Designation

Office Address

Telephone No. (Office & Residence) & Email Address




Brig.  Inderjeet Singh SC SM

85, Inf. Bde. Gandhinagar




(One Member nominated by Chairman)

Col S.B. Rana

Dy. Commander

85, Inf. Bde. Gandhinagar




( Eminent Educationists)

Dr.Kiran Vyas

HOD Department of Chemistry ,Govt Science College,Sec-15 Gandhinagar



Member (Eminent Educationists)

Dr. Sudeep Goyal


Om Landmark School




Member (An eminent Person in  area known for outstanding work in the field of culture)

Shri R.S. Parmar

Lalitkala Academy



Member (Gents Parents nominated by Chairman)

Mr.Hemant Kumar Mohanty

F/o Master Gaurav Kumar Mohanty,


E204,Crystal Apartment,Near Info City ,Kudasan





Member (Lady Parent Nominated by Chairman)

Mrs Mallika Babu M/o Ku. Rushali


G-401 Pramukh Aura, Sargasan,Gandhingar



Member (Eminent Medical doctor of the area)

Dr. A.K Gosh

Sr. Medical Officer, 85, Inf. Bde, Gandhinagar Cantt



Member (Representative of SC/ST community or minority community belonging to Class-I service)

Sh.Praful Ashok Mendhe

Dy.Commandant SHQ BSF Gandhinagar

(M) 9924618974


Member (A senior most teacher with longest stay)

Smt. Alka Vasavada

TGT (English)

KV No.3, Gandhinagar Cantt



Member Secretary (Principal of the KV  & Member Secretary)

Shri K.R. Toppo


KV No.3

Gandhinagar Cantt



Co-Opted Member (vide letter of even no. Dated

Maj. Prashant Paul

Education Officer

85, Inf. Bde.

Education Branch Gandhinagar

079- 23201502-6


Chairman, CGEWCC

Shri G.C. Gupta

Vice President

Vice President

Income Tax appellate Tribunal

3rd Floor, Abhinav Arcade, Opp. Municipal School, Pritamnagar, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad



Technical Member (Officer not below the rank of executive Engineer/Garisson Engineer from CPWD/SPWD/MES)

Shri SRK Murthy

EE, Garrison Engineer

GE, MES, Gandhinagar Cantt


The Third VMC was conducted on 20.01.2014 in Vidyalaya.

Click here to view "Minutes of first VMC Meeting 2013-14"

Minutes of VMC Meeting
Date: 02.09-2011

Meeting of the Vidyalaya management committee was held on 02.09.2011 in the library of KV No 3 Gandhinagar Cantt. The meeting was chaired by Brig. Alok Raj, Commander, 85 inf Bde. Gandhinagar cantt and Chairman VMC KV Gandhinagar Cantt. At the outset Chairman & VMC members were offered a floral welcome by the Principal. The meeting started with the introductory session where all the members were introduced to the chairman.

Follow up action on the minutes of previous meeting:

The meeting begins with the review of the action taken report of the last VMC meeting.

  • As per the advice of the Chairman, “Shramdan” in lieu of cleaniness is being carried out by integrity club of vidyalaya from time to time.
  • Order for positive quotes /thoughts have been placed.
  • As per KVS guidelines, different committees have been constituted in the vidyalaya for planning & implementation of vidyalaya activites.
  • To thrust upon the importance & awareness for environment protection, a rally was organized in the Army premises by Sadbhawana club of the vidyalaya, participated by around 250 students of 7th & 8th class.
  • Workshop & open session on environment protection was organized on 19/08/2011.
  • Students’ council along with the volunteers was encouraged to take up the project of conservation of energy. There was an overwhelming response from the students of different classes & they came up with different ideas to save energy & grow 7 protect the plants.
  • As deliberated, it has been planned to organize a nature’s camp for scout & guide volunteers of the vidyalaya in the month of October 2011.
  • A special talk on “health” was organized by Army medical officer. Student & staff members actively participated in the discussion.
  • An expert from Army has been provided for training of the students for the school band.
  • Eco –club is functioning

Annual Maintenance & Repair:

  • It was informed to the house that the electric repair work has been started by the construction agency MES. Around 75% of the work has been completed & remaining work is in progress.
  • Estimate for concrete assembly ground & internal roads are awaited from MES
  • Play ground & staff premises has been cleaned up by cutting grass & shrubs.
  • Replacement of the broken window panes & plumbing work is under progress.
  • Repairing of broken furniture & fixtures will be under taken.
  • A grant of Rs 1, 37,700/- has been received from KVS HQ for staff quarter maintenance. Fund will be utilized as per KVS guidelines.
  • A tractor & casual labour was hired for clearing the surroundings & updating the play ground for conducting cluster & regional events.

It was informed to the house:

  • Vidyalaya’s magazines & student’s diaries have been procured.
  • Approval for purchase of interactive board under DGS & D rates has been granted
  • 10 computers have been purchased with the approval of RO.
  • Octapad has been purchased.
  • Air conditioner for computer lab has purchased
  • Camera, carpet for sitting of the students &TV have been purchased with the permission of VEC

Condemnation of stores:

  • Proposal for condemnation of computers worth Rs.198077/- was sent to RO and has been approved.

Academic Progress & Planning:

  • The results of the board classes of the session 2010-11 were discussed.(Annexure Attached).
  • Board results for class XII (Sc) was 96.3% and for class XII(Com) , it was 94.9%.
  • Class X, recorded 100% result.
  • Sunita Beniwal,got Ist Position in XII (Sc). She also qualified for various entrance exams for admission in IIT, BITS PILANI & MBBS Finally she got admission in B J Medical college
  • Pankaj Yadav Student of Class XII(Sci) got admission in NIT Surat
  • Near about thirty students have got admission in various professional colleges.
  • Shyam Verma of class XII (com) got Ist position with 79.6% marks.
  • Five students got 10 CGPA in class X

Members congratulated the entire team of KV Gandhinagar for their relentless efforts to improve the academic performance of the students and wish more laurels in the coming academic years.
Remedial steps for slow learners have already been devised and being implemented so as to further improve the results in coming session. This includes remedial classes for slow learners, conversion of non teaching periods into teaching period , individual attention & frequent monitoring of the progress time to time.Monthly test are being conducted regularly for board classes.
Academics’s planning for session 2011-12 is under progress as per CCE Calendar of activities provided by KVS.
In the Primary Section the CMP initiative are being carried out systematically as per the direction of KVS HQ.. Activity based teaching is stressed upon and worksheets are designed for all the classes.
Vidyalaya level Social Science Exhibition was held in the month of July 2011. The state and country allotted are Arunachal Pradesh and Portugal. . The selected models will further be sent for cluster level competitions.
Vidyalaya level Science Exhibition was held on 30/08/2011. Various models were displayed under the subtheme of Agriculture & Technology, conservation of energy, transport & communication and mathematical modeling. Selected models will be sent for cluster level exhibition.
School is celebrating “International year of Chemistry” by holding Paper reading contest related to importance of Chemistry in day to day life, in morning assembly, Quiz on life of Madam Curie & debate on “Nuclear energy- Boon or Bane” and Essay writing contest on the Use of Chemistry in growing world population.
Students will participate in national children science congress to be held in the month of November .For this they will prepare projects through Collecting data,experimentation and Questionaire under the theme “The Land and resources”
School will observe Hindi Pakhwada in this month.
Green science Olympiad was conducted on 27/8/11.
Maths Olympiad will be held on 4/9/11.
Sports & Games:
Vidyalaya hosted the cluster level basket Ball tournament (Boys & Girls) under age 14 & 19 on 17th & 18th August. Regional level Volley Ball, Sports meet was held in Vidyalaya on 8th & 9th August. School also organized coaching camp (Volley Ball) for national level competition on 26th to 30th August. Regional level Basket ball tournament under age group 14 & 19 for (Boys & Girls) was held on 20th & 21st August in which 260 students participated. Total 118 Students were selected for various events at cluster level & regional level competitions. 17 students were selected for national level competition. Coaching camp (Boys) for Volleyball National level competition will be held in the third week of October in Chandigarh and for girls in the first week of October in Delhi.
Co Curricular Activities:
Students were allotted different houses under the acronym DAAN which stand for “ Dhiraj, Astha, Asmitha and Namrata. Various competitions like English calligraphy, English poem recitation and Group songs were held. Plantation week was observed from 17/7/2011 to 23/7/2011 during which the students planted about 250 saplings making the campus green.. Students council was formed and investiture ceremony took place in which the school captain (Boys & Girls), Vice captain (Boys & Girls), Sports captains & cultural captains were sworn in by presenting slashes followed by oath taking. Independence day was celebrated with great fervor.Atrisans from Jaipur visited Vidyalaya to develop skills and teach crafts.
Students and teachers actively participated in Helpage indian charity and smile foundation .
Annual Day & Sports Annual day will be celebrated in the month of November

Staff Position:
Principal updated the chairman about the joining of teachers in secondary level. Still there is shortage of teachers/miscellaneous staff in the Vidyalaya.

  • UDC

Budget for 2011-12:
Approval for revised budget of school fund & VVN for session 2011-12 and budget estimates for session 2012-13 were discussed. VMC committee approved the revised budget of school fund & VVN FOR THE SESSION 2011-12. After a long deliberation, budget estimate for the session 2012-13 was approved (Annexure attached)
Proposal /Purchases:
The following purchases & proposals were put forward by the Principal which was approved by the members.

  • Request for medical check up by Army Authority/Medical Officers.
  • Renovation of Administration Block & Chemistry Lab including white wash, distemper, flooring & other miscellaneous alteration which may cost around 2 lakh.
  • Partition wall in the office room for constructing the store
  • Purchase of electric grass cutter to maintain the lawn
  • Purchase of furniture as perdetails costing app.2 lakh( Annexure attached)
  • Fencing of lawn
  • Construction of security post
  • Purchase of two vidyalaya boards
  • Iron display board/Honour boards in the ground
  • Construction of new rooms for additional sections in consecutive years.

Minute of VMC Meeting _Feb2012